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The VKast B20 bronze snare is the bronze snare drum every drummer should have in their collection. The finished machined thickness is available in 4mm (around 10kg). Cast from the classic bell bronze alloy, B20 (20% tin, 80% copper) which is the best alloy for that classic bell bronze snare sound. The B20 snare is available in three different hoops choices, Straight stainless steel, 12mm thick laser cut or matching B20 cast bronze hoops (5mm x 18mm) with stainless steel claws.

The Van Kleef cast bronze shell has a unique sound that range from dry, crisp tones at low tuning, to subtle, articulate tones at a slightly higher tuning. The construction of these drums is another reason the drums sound so good.

This Van Kleef drum has found it's way into the hands of many drummers including Steve Gadd, Steve White, Thomas Lang, Matt Cameron, Dre Boyd, Craig Blundell, Sean Moore, Matt Chamberlain, to name only a few.
  • Cast B20 bell bronze for that unique VK bell bronze sound.
  • A choice of straight or solid Sheffield stainless steel hoops, with the option of "Quick-release" in both styles, all made in-house. Now also available with matching cast bronze hoops with stainless steel claws.
  • Solid Sheffield stainless steel single point lugs, turned on a lathe, then drilled, tapped and polished by hand.
  • Stainless steel lugs are brush finished on the sides and mirror polished on the front faces.
  • Sheffield stainless steel tension rods have a threadless shaft with "VK Drums" laser etched along the shaft. All VK Drums come with standard tension rods, these VK rods come as an added extra.
  • VK-007 Sheffield stainless steel strainer and butt, with the option to custom laser etch any design or logo on the front of the strainer and mini logo on butt plate.
  • Sheffield stainless steel "VKey", silent ratchet drum key is designed to live inside the VK-007 strainer.
  • Puresound wires.
  • Setup with Remo Ambassador heads (other heads available upon request).
  • Made by hand in Sheffield, England.

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